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A multi-disciplinary designer who can work with diverse mediums to explore new possibilities. My work is an interdisciplinary exploration to understand the interconnectedness of various elements. I strive to create positive outcomes that are usable, functional and inclusive. Keeping an eye on the larger ecosystem while also being sensitive to the finer nuances to create a delicate balance is paramount in my work.

My approach is to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect among all the stakeholders involved and be driven by collaboration over competition. I like to create memorable and joyful experiences for the people I am designing for and with. I seek opportunities to collaborate with diverse people and work on complex problems and systems that challenge my perspectives.



UXG,ValueLabs | Sep 2019  –  Present

Lead Interaction Designer | Apr 2022 - Present

Senior Interaction Designer 3 | Oct 2021 - Mar 2022

Senior Interaction Designer 2 | Apr 2021 - Sep 2021

Senior Interaction Designer 1 | Oct 2020 - Mar 2021

Senior Interaction Designer | Sep 2019 - Sep 2020

UXG, ValueLabs | Dec 2018  –  Aug 2019

Design Intern - Graduation Project

Artcafe | May 2017  –  Jun 2017

Design Intern - Summer Internship


Arcatron Mobility | Oct 2015  –  Mar 2016

Freelance Designer


Master of Design (M.Des.) | 2016 - 2018 

Lifestyle Accessory Design

National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar, India

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) | 2010 - 2014

Mechanical Engineering 

University of Pune, Pune, India


Interaction Awards 22 by IxDA | Jul 2021 - Present 

Worked with the co-chairs to plan and organise the Awards program and host the ceremony. Handled the

communications, operations and event planning. Peer reviewer for selecting the shortlists for the Awards.

Teaching Experience

Course Facilitator - Design Inspire (DI) | Jun 2022  –  Aug 2022

Facilitating and guiding the Apprentices in the Interaction Design course as part of the DI Apprentice Program 2022. 

Visiting Faculty - National Institute of Design | 14 Feb 2022  –  25 Feb 2022

Created and facilitated the 'Playfoodness' Workshop as part of the Open Electives 2022, for M.Des and B. Des students of National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India . The workshop was conducted in partnership with Amit Kumar and Pranshu Chaudhary as guest facilitators. 

Workshop Objectives:

  • Introduce food as a medium of design by encouraging participants to look at food beyond eating

  • Promote and help cultivate an attitude of experimentation and playfulness through the medium of food.

  • Find parallels between play and food and leverage these to create immersive experiences, narratives, and artefacts through a speculative design approach.

Course Facilitator - Design Inspire (DI) | Aug 2021 - Sep2021

Co-created and facilitated the Interaction Design course for designers in the DI Apprentice Program 2021.


Nov 2022 | The Time Machine, ValueLabs Inspire | The Landmark, London, UK

Oct 2022 | The Time Machine, ValueLabs Inspire | The Venetian, Las Vegas, USA

June 2022 | Design Inspire, Good Design Show | European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design & Urban Studies, Greece

July 2021| Jallianwala Bagh, Design in an Age of Crisis, London Design Biennale | Somerset House, UK

July 2021| Identity Stories, Design in an Age of Crisis, London Design Biennale | Somerset House, UK

Nov 2019 | The Digital Flywheel Exhibition, ValueLabs Inspire | Dorchester, London, UK

Oct 2019 | The Digital Flywheel Exhibition, ValueLabs Inspire | The Venetian, Las Vegas, USA

Sep 2019 | Jallianwala Bagh, Reimagining Otherness | Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York

Dec 2018 | Sniffing Out the Differences | State Gallery of Art, Hyderabad, India

Oct 2017 | Jawaja Craft Collection | Indian Institute of Management -  Ahmedabad (IIM-A), India


20 Nov 2021 | Planned, managed & organized the  Design Inspire Conference, International Conference, ValueLabs.

28 Nov 2020 | Planned, managed & organized the  Design Inspire Conference, International Conference, ValueLabs.

24 Sep 2019 | Organized IXDD, World Interaction Design Day, Hyderabad chapter with ValueLabs, IxDA and Adobe.

Project Presentation

Efood 2022, Experiencing and Envisioning Food: Designing for Change | 28 - 30 Apr 2022

3 speculative food design projects - Yours Flavorfully, Food Perceptions and IoT Cutlery were selected for

presentation at the Conference.

Awards & Recognition


Titan Business Awards 2022

Platinum - Design Agency of the Year

Indigo Design Awards 2022

Silver - FlexCloud: Dev Portal, Digital Tools & Utilities

Bronze - FlexCloud: Dev Portal, Apps

Bronze - FlexCloud: Dev Portal, Website Design

Bronze - FlexCloud: Dev Portal, UX, Interface & Navigation


Stevie International Business Awards 2021

Gold Stevie Winner - UXG, ValueLabs, Advertising or Design Agency of the Year


Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards 2021

Gold - Design Inspire, Award for Innovation in Education or Training Websites

Titan Business Awards 2021

Platinum - Best Program & Project Management Strategy

Platinum - Management: Art & Design

Platinum - Information Technology: Art & Design

Gold - Best Design Management Strategy

Gold - Management: Design/Web Agency

Gold - Information Technology: Design/ Web Agency

Indigo Design Awards 2021

Gold - MKSynergy Application, Digital Design

Silver - MKSynergy Application, Interaction Design

Silver - MKSynergy Application, Logo Design

Silver - MKSynergy Application, Branding

Bronze - MKSynergy Application, Apps

Silver -  Design Inspire, Website Design

Silver - Design Inspire, Interaction Design category

Silver - Design Inspire, Digital Design category

Silver - Design Inspire, Branding category

Bronze - Design Inspire, Education category

Bronze - Design Inspire, Events category

Bronze - Design Inspire, Logo Design category

2021 Interaction Awards by IxDA

Winner - Sniffing out the Differences, Engaging category

Finalist - Sniffing Out the Differences, Connecting

Third place - Sniffing Out the Differences, People's Choice


DNA Paris Awards 2021

Winner - MKSynergy App, Graphic/ Interactive Design

Winner - MKSynergy App, Graphic Design/ Apps

Winner - MKSynergy Branding, Graphic Design/ Branding

Winner - MKSynergy Branding, Graphic Design/ Logo

Honourable mention - Design Inspire, Branding

Honourable mention - Design Inspire, Key Art


VEGA Digital Awards 2021

Centauri - FlexCloud: Dev. Portal, User Experience

Centauri - FlexCloud: Dev. Portal, Website: IT

Centauri - FlexCloud: Dev. Portal, Web Apps Services

Centauri - FlexCloud: Dev. Portal, Business to Business

Centauri - FlexCloud: Dev. Portal, Multi-level Marketing

Good Design Award 2021 - Chicago Athenaeum

Winner - Design Inspire, Graphic Design

Muse Creative Awards 2021

Gold - FlexCloud - Dev Portal, Website IT

Gold - FlexCloud - Dev Portal, Website: B2B

Silver - FlexCloud - Dev Portal, Website: MLM

Silver -  FlexCloud - Dev Portal, Web App

Gold - MKSynergy Application, Website IT

Gold - MKSynergy Application, Corporate Brand Identity

Silver - MKSynergy Application, Best User Experience

Silver - MKSynergy Application, App Services

Silver - MKSynergy Application, Web App

Silver - MKSynergy Application, Website: B2B

Gold - Design Inspire, Website: Education

Gold - Design Inspire, Corporate Brand Identity

Gold - Design Inspire, Website Branding

Gold - Design Inspire, Logo

Gold - Design Inspire, Virtual Event

Silver - Design Inspire, Event

Silver - Design Inspire, Educational Event

Silver - Design Inspire, Website: Training/ Knowledge Base

Silver - Design Inspire, Website: E-learning

Silver - Design Inspire, Website: Events

Silver - Design Inspire, Website

Silver - Design Inspire, Website: Home/ Landing Page

Silver - Design Inspire, Corporate Identity: Promotions

Silver - Design Inspire,  Website: Art & Design

Silver - Design Inspire, Website: Best User Experience

Silver - Design Inspire, Microsite

International Design Awards (IDA) 2020

Gold - Sniffing Out the Differences, Multimedia/ Interactive

IDSA's International Design Excellence Awards 21

Finalist - Design Inspire, Design Strategy

London International Creative Competition 2020

Shortlist - Yours Flavorfully, Graphic: Other

Shortlist - Design Inspire, Graphic: Website

Shortlist - Design Inspire, Graphic: Branding

Official Selection - Design Inspire, Graphic: Logo

Official Selection - Design Inspire, Graphic: Interactive/ Responsive Design

Official Selection - MKSynergy App, Graphic: App Design

Official Selection - MKSynergy, Graphic: Branding

Official Selection - Sniffing Out the Differences, Art

Official Selection - Yours Flavorfully, Graphic: App Design & Interactive/Responsive Design



Design-X Awards 2019 by UX India

Top 5 Finalist - UXG,ValueLabs, Best Design Enterprise & Startup

2009 - 2018

2017 | Second Place - Hindi Comic Strip Competition, National Institute of Design, India


2013 | Best College Magazine Award, for ‘Abhivyakti’- DYPCOE’s college magazine (part of the magazine design team), academic year: 2012 - 2013, issued by University of Pune, India.


2009 | Winner in Trèsmode Shoe Design Competition, for customisable and sustainable footwear design concept, issued by Trèsmode - a leading footwear brand, India

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