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I am Anuja Thanawala,

Working as a Lead Interaction Designer at UXG, ValueLabs.
I enjoy long walks, eating and making food which has led me to experimenting with new ideas in speculative food Design.

Completed my Master in Design from the National Institute of Design, India.

This was an adventurous journey into the world of Design and self-awareness.
Here I found a passion for biking and completed 12,000 km on my motorbike.
The food here was tastier and less messier when I was elected the Mess Coordinator!

Have had the opportunity to
work on diverse projects.

Creating delight and inclusion are always at the core of my work across physical and digital media in various domains. 

My work has been recognised by International Design Communities.

My creative and impactful contribution to projects has won a total of  75+ awards.
Some of the noteworthy awards include the Red Dot, Muse Creative and Stevie IBA.
This gave me a confidence boost and motivation to keep doing better.

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